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5 Ways To Honor Loved Ones With Geocaching

by Marianka Van Veenen

A great way to honor your loved one is by setting up something that will last for numerous years to come. One way to do this is with geocaching or letterboxing. The tradition involves hikers and nature lovers that explore wooded areas to find hidden boxes using the assistance of a GPS device. Inside the boxes, a person can collect a special token, stamp, or leave words of encouragement. When creating your own geocaching spot to honor a loved one, there are five different methods you can use. Once the location is set, you can share the adventure with family, friends, or random geocache participants around the world.

Wooden Cremation Keepsakes

One way to honor a loved one is by placing their ashes along with the geocache location. As you browse for cremation keepsakes, there are a number of wooden options that fit with nature and offer a natural way to honor your loved one. When you are planning a geocache box, the wooden keepsake can be placed in the box as a permanent tribute for anyone who finds or visits the box. It can be attached to the box using glue or another adhesive to prevent any tampering.

A wooden keepsake also has the ability to get custom engravings placed on it. This can include the birth year, death year, and name of the loved one you're dedicating the geocache to. This is a nice way to honor your loved one and can be placed near a location that was special to them.

Scattering Tubes

If you're creating a special place for family or loved one, then you can create a hidden geocache bin that is filled with cremation scattering tubes. A scattering tube is a small tube that is made with either wood or metal elements. Each tube features a small selection of ashes that can be scattered at special locations. The tubes also have the ability to have custom printing on the outside. This includes the name of a loved one, a quote, or a special message.

When working with cremation services, you can order a bulk collection of scattering tubes. Each small tube will be filled with ashes. As a family member or loved one finds the geocaching bin, they can collect the tube and then spread it as needed.

Pocket Tokens

If you do not want to leave at ashes at the geocache location, then you can order special keepsakes from a cremation service company. One of the smallest keepsakes that you can purchase in bulk is a pocket token. These tokens are small coins that usually feature a short prayer and the name of your loved one that has passed.

Placing the tokens inside of a geocache box is a good replacement for a geocoin. A geocoin is the traditional token placed inside the box to designate the box and give a reward for anyone who finds it. The pocket token can be purchased with a number of images like crosses or Jesus.

Prayer Cards

Along with a pocket token, you can offer another geocache reward in the form of a prayer card. Custom prayer cards are typically given out during a funeral ceremony or a wake. If you order these cards for a cremation, you can take the extra cards and include them inside of a geocache box. The cards are great dedications to loved ones and often feature their name, birth year, and death year. When stored in a plastic bin for geocaching, the cards should stay protected from elements like rain or moisture.

Cremation Boxes

Create a nice little memorial area that only friends and family will have access to. A cremation box keepsake can feature a locked compartment for cremated remains and then another compartment for people visiting the geocache location. The extra compartment can be used to store a small notepad. The notepad is great for visitors to fill out small messages and notes when visiting the geocache.

Take time to properly plan a geocache and honor your loved one for years to come. It can become a great tradition and nice location to visit. For more information about tokens or remains, talk to a funeral home like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD.